Fee Structure                                                 


  •       Covers your doctor visits and consultations for the entire year. 
  •       Covers processing your medical records and documentation. 
  •       Covers the processing of your medical MJ recommendations for the entire year.
  •       ( $25 discount for military vets and seniors 65 & older)


The physician will evaluate you, review your medical history and pertinent medical records to determine if you have a debilitating condition that qualifies for medical marijuana under Louisiana Law. If your condition qualifies, then the physician will process the medical marijuana recommendation forms the same day and send it directly to the medical marijuana dispensary.

$200 - one time annual fee for the “Medical Marijuana Evaluation.”
$100 - one-time annual fee: “Medical Marijuana Recommendation Form Processing & Form Management”


(online or phone)       . 

 All Military and education professionals*

*All military vets and seniors receive a discount.